Reverse Mortgage in Miami, FL

For those interested in information pertaining to a reverse mortgage in Miami, FL; you will be glad to know Shop Reverse Mortgages is changing the way homeowners obtain their reverse mortgage.

Gone are the days working with a reverse mortgage specialist that is only offering a reverse mortgage from the company they work with. is a pioneer in this industry from spending months compiling all major lenders & banks who offer reverse mortgages and making the banks compete for your business. This is how we keep the banks honest. If you have done your research and are looking for a reverse mortgage in Miami, FL; there isn’t a better team to have on your side.

The Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

The rise of the reverse mortgage is made clear by Inside Mortgage Finance, which is an industry specific publication which closely follows reverse mortgage miamithe real estate industry. Their research shows homeowners unlocked some $15.3 billion of
these loans in 2011. 2012 showed no signs of slowing down with an increase of 20%.

More and more homeowners over the age of 62 are turning to a reverse mortgage. Miami residents are seeing the value of increasing their disposable income by unlocking their home equity without the obligation to pay the mortgage or interest payments.

All the benefits of home ownership remains with a reverse mortgage. For instance, if you wish to sell your home you are able to. However, if your reverse mortgage is $200,000.00 and you sell your home for $225,000, you are entitled to $25,000 as the reverse mortgage must be paid off if you sell your home.

Facts About Reverse Mortgage Lenders:

Reverse mortgage lenders in Miami, FL usually work for one lender. This means they will have a single offer for you. In a supply and miami reverse mortgage companydemand market, with banks competing for new business harder than ever, you will do yourself a disservice by not making these banks compete on your behalf. So what is the solution? Calling 5 different reverse mortgage lending companies in Miami? Not anymore.

Gone are the days when you have to speak with 5 different specialists to get 5 different offers, we work with the most well respected lenders and make them compete for your business. One call will get the job done at

Simply put, our service keeps the banks honest and allows you to get the best possible deal in the marketplace.

Our team wants you to know the important facts along with the advantages of moving forward with a reverse mortgage. This positions us a trustworthy leader in the reverse mortgage market in Florida.

So what is the catch with reverse mortgages in Miami? Some very simple items to note are the following:

  1. You must live in your home after the reverse mortgage.
  2. You must continue paying your homeowners insurance, property taxes, and HOA fees.
  3. If you intend on moving within 3 years, then a reverse mortgage may not be right for you as their are other options which would be more appealing to a home owner. Such as a home equity line of credit (HELOC).
  4. Upfront fees. All reverse mortgage transactions have upfront fees just like a purchase or refinance.

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