Can a Reverse Mortgage be a Retirement Tool?

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Roll of CashImagine having an extra $25,000 dollars right now. How would you spend it?

Capital is known to become dry for persons over the age of 62. Most Americans near or past that age choose to retire and then must live off of savings that they built due to their excellent foresight during their younger years. Funds can also originate from their investments in the stock market, which makes it especially tempting to tap into the principle of the investments, as opposed to just living off of the dividends. There is a solution to this conundrum, and that solution is to engage in an excellent product: a reverse mortgage.

A traditional mortgage requires that you pay an amount each month over the course of several years, which builds significant equity into the home—whether the home be a ranch in the country, or a house in the heart of suburbia. As many people can attest to, having the diligence and foresight to maintain payment over multiple years isn’t an easy task. For most people, after three to five years, the person will begin to imagine several better ways to allocate that capital, such as a more expensive car.

Essentially, when paying a regular mortgage, you are making a sacrifice. That sacrifice is when your children talk nonstop about visiting a vacation destination during their holiday vacation and you choose not to; or be it after several years of work, you become comfortable with your paycheck and decide to ignore those inner voices that are craving that you pursue your passion.

You Can Have It All

Our company, Shop Reverse Mortgage, understands your sacrifice. Part of our company’s motivation is to help older Americans realize their dreams by pursuing their passions. We value our clients and are committed to allowing them to having the capital infusion that they deserve.

A reverse mortgage is similar to a traditional mortgage in that they each relate to the equity in the home. However, these two concepts differ in that a reverse mortgage allows you to withdraw capital from your home, effectively meaning that the bank pays you. This concept is often surprising because over the course of paying their mortgage, many people may have a scary stigma of bankers, more akin to scrooge than a generous institution.

For customers interested in working with our company, we require that our company has a first lien position on the home. A reverse mortgage is also not considered a good option for homeowners planning on leaving them home within three years of initiation of the capital infusion. In addition, the following homes qualify for a reverse mortgage: town homes, condominiums and single family homes.

Prior to approval of your reverse mortgage, a financial analysis is conducted on the home, which ensures that homeowners insurance, property taxes, etc. are capable of still being paid off. Since some of our customers need the capital infusion to pay of their existing bills, our company will consider this in determining if you can receive the funds from a reverse mortgage.

A Reverse Mortgage as a Retirement Tool

Having provided all the necessary documents, you now have the ability to initiate a reverse mortgage. This is an excellent retirement tool for Americans who are 62 years old or more. The first big decision you must now make is whether you prefer having the funds in monthly installments, a lump sum, or a combination of both.

Often times, our customers are house rich but cash poor. Now that you are tapping in the equity from your residence, the opportunity arises that you have a wider possibility of options to pursue during your leisure time. One of our past customers, Jamie, was stuck in a pickle. She had a whole list of activities that she wanted to pursue, but she just did not have the capital to explore such ventures. These activities that interest her weren’t overly expensive, it was just when you factor in the cost of living expenses and her remaining money in the bank, the activities just did not seem feasible. She had her retirement savings budgeted to the last penny and would not let herself deviate from her plans.

These activities included traveling with her close friends that yearly went on exciting excursions, which in most cases were by a cruise ship. Jamie’s friends would bring back all of these wonderful photos of them having a grand time with one another. Another activity that Jamie was interested in pursuing was visiting her family in Seattle, Washington, where she could spend time with her lovely grandchildren and her adult son.

Having worked all of her life, Jamie was dismayed that despite her contribution to society, she could not enjoy all the perks life can offer. One day Jamie made a decision to reestablish control of her life. She reached out to our company—on recommendation from one of her loyal friends—and made a decision that would allow her to enjoy the remainder of her life to the fullest.

Stories like Jamie’s is why our company is in business. We love to provide people over the age of 62 tools to maximize their retirement. Reverse mortgages are among the best retirement tools on the market today. Some of the benefits of working with our company, but are not limited to these, are the following:

  • Fully Transparent
  • We Shop Different Companies for You
  • Receive a 100% FREE Consultation
  • Obtain a Lump Sum of Cash
  • Use the Cash However You Like
  • No More Mortgage Payments will be Due
  • Entitlement programs are typically not affected
  • Not considered income and are not taxable.


If these benefits resonate well with you, then feel free to reach out to our company today. We have specialist standing by, each and every day of the week, so you can learn if you qualify and begin the process of having the funds that you deserve. These specialists can be reached by phone Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. In addition, you can contact our team by visiting our website and sending us a message, which can be accessed by clicking here.